We are proud to offer 4 models of ukuleles:

  • Super Soprano
    Soprano body with 15” scale length
  • Concert
    16” scale length
  • Tenor
    17 3/32” scale length
  • Baritone
    20 1/8” Scale length

Attention to the details :

  • Each Cocobolo comes standard with a 12" radius fingerboard, making our ukuleles very comfortable in your hands and easy to play.
  • We professionally setup each ukulele with a string height of 1 mm at the first fret and 2.5 mm at the 12th fret. We inspect intonation and fret buzz to make sure that each ukulele is ready to play straight out of the box.
  • We use a solid piece of cocobolo that acts as a truss rod in the neck of all of our ukuleles. This adds a nice handmade touch and also serves a functional purpose as well by strengthening the neck.
  • We use "through the bridge stringing", which allows the soundboard to resonate better and increases sound quality and volume.
  • The neck of each Cocobolo connects to the body at the 13th fret. We find this to be our lucky number that centers the bridge correctly in the middle of the lower bout, optimizing sound quality.

Our ukuleles are a great value for the money. Handmade ukuleles of this quality often go for $1,000+, even when made from less exotic tonewoods. The upgrade to cocobolo alone costs $300 at Mya-Moe Ukuleles.

Most customers pay via PayPal, but if you would prefer to send cash, a check, or a money order to our US address that would be fine as well.

Worldwide shipping is $79, which includes a Kala UC Hard Polyfoam Ukulele Case. Most ukuleles arrive within 15-20 days.

All of our prices include sales tax, making our ukuleles an even better value.

Viva Cocobolo!