Kevin and Adalina Keith — Owners

After graduating from the University of Utah in 2003, Kevin decided to take a "short break" and spend 3 months in Nicaragua before getting a "real job". Kevin immediately fell in love with surfing, the Nicaraguan culture, and the lifestyle that this tropical paradise offers. Kevin spent the next 7 years working winters at Snowbird Ski Resort, and the rest of the year playing in the tropical waters of Nicaragua.

In 2012, Kevin met Adalina and decided it was time to make Nicaragua his new home. Cocobolo Ukuleles was born shortly thereafter. Kevin and Adalina were married in December of 2014 and Adalina joined the workforce right away. We are all lucky to have her as part of the team.

Silvio Conto — Head Luthier

Silvio is one of the most talented luthiers in Central America. Nicaragua is famous for its talented artists, but Silvio is the cream of the crop. What sets Silvio apart is his commitment to quality and the continual development of his talents.

Silvio is happily married to his wife Teresa. Together they have 3 children: Isai, Ester, and Anita. Silvio is the pastor of the Iguanero Branch of the local Evangelical church. His family and his faith are the most important parts of his life. Silvio is a remarkable person and we are lucky to have him on our team.

Miguel Ñamendy — Construction

Miguel, plays a significant part in the construction of almost every ukulele we build. His ability to find artistic designs in the wood grain and match them among different pieces of cocobolo is amazing. His attention to detail is remarkable, and he is becoming more talented with every ukulele he constructs. We are very lucky to have him on our team.

Ezequiel Ñamendy — Construction

Ezequiel is working directly with Silvio and Miguel to learn every step in the process of building a ukulele. He has a background in woodworking, and it is clear that he has a natural talent and an eye for quality. We all believe that Ezequiel is going to have a bright future with Cocobolo Ukuleles.

"Gato" Yader Acuña — Handmade Rosettes and Body Bindings

Gato is a talented artist with an exceptional eye for detail. He has become our specialist in handcrafting cocobolo and olive rosette on many of our ukuleles. This is done with almost 100 small pieces of cocobolo and olive, each cut into specific sizes and shapes. As you might imagine, this requires a tedious attention to detail. Gato also adds body bindings and end grafts to many of our ukuleles. Gato is very talented, and we are lucky to have him on our team.

Isai Conto — Finish Work

Isai has an exceptional eye for detail. He works directly with his father, Silvio, in the tedious finish work process that each Cocobolo Ukulele goes through. This process includes applying 6 coats of a high-quality finish and endless hours of sanding and touch ups. We are lucky to have Isai on our team. His hard work contributes greatly to the success of Cocobolo Ukuleles.

The Cocobolo Family

We are a tightly knit group here at Cocobolo Ukuleles. Silvio and Miguel are cousins, Ezequiel is Miguel’s nephew, and Isai is Silvio’s son. My wife Adalina and I have been warmly welcomed and immediately have become part of the family. As the Cocobolo Family continues to grow, we hope to welcome you with this same warmth and kindness.

Viva Cocobolo!