Please visit the Cocobolo Ukuleles Marketplace on Facebook:

We have been working hard here in Nicaragua, and it has been rewarding to know that the word is getting out about our ukuleles. The only problem is that it has been hard to keep up with so much demand!

Rather than having a waiting list, we are trying to be fair to each of our customers by posting all new ukuleles on our "Cocobolo Ukuleles Marketplace" Facebook page and holding a special lottery for each ukulele.

This is how the lottery system will work:

We will post all available ukuleles on our "Cocobolo Ukuleles Marketplace" Facebook page. Each listing will include the price and details of the ukulele, and also the time and date of the lottery. If you are interested in a particular ukulele, please comment on the listing and we will include your name in the lottery.

We will announce all upcoming lotteries with pictures and prices at least 24 hours before the lottery will be held. This should allow our customers the chance to evaluate each ukulele, and only join the lotteries that catch their attention. Please feel free to enter as many lotteries as you would like. If you are lucky enough to win multiple lotteries, you will be given the opportunity to choose your favorite.

Please make sure to "join" the "Cocobolo Ukuleles Marketplace" Facebook page so that you will receive instant Facebook notifications and emails each time we post a new ukulele.

Although this is not a perfect solution, we are trying to create a level playing field for all customers waiting patiently for new ukuleles. We are also considering auctioning certain ukuleles on eBay so that committed buyers can have more control over their own destiny, but we would like to avoid bidding wars that might create bad feelings among our customers. We want to keep the experience of owning a new Cocobolo as positive and as affordable as possible.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding of the situation. With a little bit of patience, we hope to help you get your hands on a beautiful new Cocobolo Ukulele as soon as possible!