Western Red Cedar is regarded by many musicians as one of the best all-around tonewoods. It has a warm and full sound that is very easy on the ears and that is hard to beat. An advantage to Western Red Cedar soundboards is that they “open up” quickly and reach their full potential faster than many tonewoods, such as spruce.

In the words of Chris Herrod at Wood, Tools & Supplies:.

“Tonally, Western Red Cedar is warmer and sweeter than many tonewoods, with more overtones. It is said that the notes have a more “singing” quality and that the tone is more "open".

“Openness” is a particularly interesting characteristic. Spruce-topped guitars can sound "tight" at first and may take some time to "open up". Normally a spruce-topped guitar needs to be played-in for a period of time (months, even years) before it fully opens up. Cedar on the other hand has a shorter break-in period. A new cedar guitar will have rich harmonics and a crispness that is somewhat lacking in a brand new spruce-topped guitar”.